Punggol City Business Directory

Punggol is a new town, located in Tanjong Punggol Peninsula, in the north eastern region of Singapore.

The etymology of the name suggests that it was once a fruit growing district.

The town is now known for its picturesque sceneries and charming local markets.

Punggol has adopted urban development which has accelerated better town planning, transportation and overall growth in the economy. One can see the notable progress and urban growth in the town, which is the result of various development projects.

The place has access to various commercial facilities such as the Punggol Plaza, Waterway point and the Oasis Terrace.

The waterway park has been designed in such a way that people from all age groups can embrace the theme of it.

The town has a famous Graffiti spot where artists can explore various styles and designs. The place is a visual representation of the poem 'accident' written by Gilbert Koh, depicting confluence of colors and swindling romance.

Apart from that, the SAFRA Punggol Clubhouse, the regional Sports Center, the Town Hub are some of the attractions here.

The Coney Island Park, is a lovely in depth experience if one wishes to indulge in the subtle beauty of nature. Beautiful tall trees pave the path for leisure strolling and cycling.

The town experiences an overall temperate weather.

Punggol is a city in Singapore, and on this page we provide you links of all the various businesses listed here.