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Image of Mr Lee
21 Apr 2021
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This is the worst clinic I’ve visited in my whole entire life. The receptionists was so rude! A customer came in bringing in a foreign worker as her injured his hand. The receptionist told them to visit the A&E instead. The customer said “But the doctor have not even checked if he needs any further stitches or just a medicine.” The receptionists then told them that it’s because the doctor has an interview coming up & cannot attend to them. So eventually both of them left. After they left, one of the receptionists said “Do you know why they dont want to go to A&E instead? Because it’s expensive & they can’t afford & dont want to pay. POODAH! ” This was coming from the receptionist who had long dark hair wearing a rectangular black spectacle. Working on 21 April 2021 at around 3PM. She further added “Eh why is everyone coming at this timing ah? Annoying” Rude rude rude. Do not even care about patients. Only care about money & charge people expensive as heck.

Image of Albert Lam
12 Apr 2020
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really super expensive and doctor is not interested at all in patients - seems to be more interested only in making big bucks. No patients come to this clinic and I really regret going there

Image of charlene tang
07 Apr 2020
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May be expensive but the medicine Dr Lee prescribes is good quality stuff (from reputable suppliers like GSK etc) and it works!

Image of R C
03 Apr 2020
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Expensive, 80 sgd for a check up and medicine. The GP was slow and rude

Image of W HW
01 Apr 2020
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Expensive like what others shared, but the doctor is highly experienced and prescribes good medicine (not the generics) which are usually effective. Go there if you don't mind paying more to get well fast.

Image of Vanathi S
16 Mar 2020
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Very expensive. The receptionist quoted me one price before consultation. After I saw the doctor, the receptionist asked me to pay a higher amount. When I referred to the price she had quoted me earlier, she said that that did not include

Image of Joelle Tay
15 Mar 2020
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Freaking expensive, $60 just for a checkup that last for 5mins. The receptionist is so rude and even charges extra $10 for a urine test ,saying that the urine test strip cost $10.

Image of jack 88
14 Mar 2020
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Damn expensive!! just a 1 minute consultation without medication charged $40!! the consultation merely just referring us to see other doctor as the symptom not within his scope of advice.. so charging $40 still? poor service.. highly not recommended to visit if have alternative.

Image of Coriander
25 Jan 2020
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Rude, unethical and out to earn money at the expense of patients. Highly recommend you blacklist them.

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