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Also known as Redhill or Bt Merah, Bukit Merah is a new town in the Central Region of Singapore. It also happens to be the largest area in terms of population in the Central Area of Singapore, thus making it the 12th most populated area in the country. The town of Bukit Merah is quite picturesque with more than 150,000 making it their home.

The name of the town literally translates to "Red Hill " in Malay, because of the red-colored soil which can be found on the hill. The planned town of Bukit Merah is further divided into ten subzones - Bukit Ho Swee, Alexandra, Bukit Merah Central, Depot Road, Everton Park, HarbourFront, Redhill, Henderson, Tekk Blangah, and the Tiong Bahru.

Spread across three lines, the town of Bukit Merah is connected by five stations served by the MRT. The HarborFront station acts as an interchange point that connects two lines. Four more stations are under construction as of now.

Bukit Merah has several places of worship belonging to different religions such including some Buddhist Temples, Chinese Temples. numerous Churches, a Hindu Temple, Mosques, and a Sikh temple.

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