Bukit Batok City Business Directory

Bukit Batok, sometimes known as Bt Batok, is a developed housing area situated in Singapore's West region. According to statistics, it is the 12th most populated area and the 25th largest city in Singapore. The entire town is founded on top of the Gombak norite, which is an igneous rock full of calcium. This made Bt Batok one of the most important locations when the quarrying industry started out in Singapore. The area of Bukit Batok is subdivided into nine zones - Bukit Batok Central, Brickworks, Bukit Batok East, Bukit Batok West, Bukit Batok South, Guilin, Gombak, Hong Kah North, and Hillview. It is also home to the Singapore hotel and Tourism Education Centre, abbreviated as SHATEC. The town of Bukit Batok is connected to the Mass Rapid Transport by two stations - Bukit Batok Gombak MRT and Bukit Batok MRT Station. In 1975, the quarrying town was transformed into a residential town in just a span of ten years. Some of the major attractions in the region include the Bukit Batok Nature Park and the Bukit Batok Town Park. The Housing Development Board of Singapore is currently constructing several residential blocks, which will help more people make Bukit Batok their home.

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